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Virtual individual therapy in New York and Florida for adults who want to finally feel good enough 

Reach out today to start building the relationships you deserve: with yourself and others

Dr. Melanie Love

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York State and Florida

Virtual therapy for adults who are ready to finally feel good enough.

I'll help you break the cycle of overthinking and being your own toughest critic. 

Let's build you a life of connection, stability, and ease. 


Does This Sound Like You?

Everyone sees you as successful and on-top-of-it. Inside, you’re terrified of failing, disappointing people, or being seen as not good enough. You take on more and more but struggle to feel accomplished or fulfilled. You may not even know what you actually want.

From a young age, you’ve learned to hide your true self and push down your needs in order to take care of others. You’ve always had to be the strong one. 

Over time, you’ve become lonely and overwhelmed. It’s hard to know how you feel and even harder to trust that someone will care. It’s like you’re wearing a mask all the time.

In therapy, I will help you learn to understand and accept your feelings, needs, and goals. With me, you’ll feel seen and valued exactly as you are and discover how to share your genuine self with others, leading to more enriching relationships in all parts of your life. 

It's time to get to know your true self. I’ll help you finally feel good enough and create the relationships you crave.

I'm glad you're here.

Here's how therapy with me will help:


From our first session, we’ll collaborate to create the space you need to feel comfortable and understood. I believe that transformative change happens in a therapy relationship where you can be both unconditionally accepted and challenged to grow and try new things.  

As co-author of “Secrets and Lies In Therapy” (APA, 2019), I’m an expert in helping you feel ready to talk about what matters. If you’ve had to hide parts of yourself or felt misunderstood and criticized before, you will feel relief with me. When we shine a compassionate light on your experiences, your self-criticism will quiet down and it will feel easier to be authentic.     


Together, we’ll help you gain insight into relationship themes or ways of coping that feel stuck and take practical steps to create new, more satisfying patterns. I can also help you build a customized toolbox to deal with life’s stressors, drawing from my experience with mindfulness, behavioral, and body-based approaches.

Our sessions will help you gain self-acceptance, grow confidence to express yourself more fully, and feel greater comfort finally being your true self in relationships. 

You’ve been figuring it out alone long enough. I look forward to connecting with you.

Mountains Meet Lake

Like any relationship, therapy works best when it is the right fit.

To help you feel confident about starting the process, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

 I know it takes strength to reach out, so I'll respond quickly when you do.

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