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If you struggle with overthinking, rumination, uneasiness, or worry about how others see you:

We'll help you understand triggers, create new ways of coping, and feel more capable to manage discomfort and uncertainty. 

I can also help with perfectionism and imposter syndrome. I specialize in working with graduate students and professionals to develop a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with your work and success.

Substance Use

Your use of substances or other kinds of addictive behaviors is making you feel stuck.


You're tired of numbing out, feeling disconnected, or dealing with the after-effects of use. But you're conflicted. Substances have helped you manage and feel better for so long.

I'll help you explore a new relationship with use that works better for you. We'll understand what role substances play for you so you can grow compassion and defuse shame. We'll also help you build new skills so you can cope with triggers more effectively.


You have high standards for yourself, but somehow you never feel good enough. You struggle with self-doubt and often feel empty or lonely. You're certain that others see you as weak, sensitive, or a burden. 

I'll help you explore your relationship with yourself with more curiosity and kindness. We'll rewire your loud inner critic and develop a new, more compassionate inner dialogue. 

We'll also help you practice being your true self with others so you experience what it's like to feel cared for and accepted for who you are, not just what you accomplish. 

Men's Issues

You're tired of being told to just be strong all the time. You wish you could have deeper relationships but it's hard to know where to start. You've been shutting down your feelings for so long that you've become numb, or you notice your emotions coming out in ways you don't like: anger, using substances, shutting down.

I'll make it feel comfortable for you to open up and explore what's beyond the limits of traditional masculinity. Together, we'll help you create a new definition of strength. 

Dating, Relationships & Sex

You're tired and frustrated with online dating. You want the process to feel more fulfilling and intentional. 


You're struggling to connect with your partner even though you want to feel closer.


You're dealing with embarrassment or shame that makes it hard to talk about sex, even with the person you're having sex with. 

Our sessions can help you explore all aspects of intimacy in a comfortable, private space. I'll help you figure out what kinds of relationships you're looking for and how to create them. You deserve to have deep, meaningful, and pleasurable relationships. 

Grief & Loss 

If you're dealing with any kind of loss, whether it's a loved one, a pet, a complicated relationship, or even a change in your life, I'll help you make room for any and all emotions.


When you can hold space for yourself for all parts of your grief, especially any that are hard to acknowledge or share with others, you'll create the kind of healing you're needing.

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